How To Play Fake Fantasy Football

These step by step instructions will give you all the knowledge you need to play and win at Fake Fantasy Football.

What is Fake Fantasy Football?

Fake Fantasy Football is a way to take part in fantasy football contests 365 days a year. How?! Well, at the end of each day we run through a round 8 simulated games. These fake games feature our 16 fake teams. These teams roster the fake players that will end up on the squads you draft in our contests.

Step By Step Instructions

Draft a squad of fake players.
Check the results the next day to see if you won!.

What Are Contests?

Contests consist of an unlimited number of squads that will compete to score the most fantasy points for a "Round". A "Round" is simply a slate of 8 games that are run through a simulator at the end of each day.

What Are Squads?

A Squad consists of 1 Quarterback, 1 Running Back, 1 Wide Receiver, and 1 Tight End. All of these players are fake. After you draft your squad you will no longer be able to make changes.

How Do You Win?

The squad with the most fantasy points at the end of each round for each contests will be the contest winner and will receive the entire payout (entry fee × # of squads)

How Are Points Calculated?

Each night after the fake games are simulated the fantasy points for each player in your contest are tallied and awarded to the squads.

Scoring (PPR)

  • Passing Touchdowns are worth 4 pts
  • Rushing and Receiving Touchdowns are worth 6 pts
  • Receptions are worth 1 point each
  • Every 10 yards receiving or rushing are worth 1 point

What Are The Rules?

This is a completely free fantasy football competition. The only requirement is that you create an account on this site and verify your email. After you create an account you'll be given $1,000 worth of fake money!